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1. Nature - Ideas for a new Biology

2. PhysicsWeb Reviews - Biological lessons for physicists

3. PhysicsWeb Features - Yeah, but what about the crayfish

4. Jan Wallaczek: Self-Organized Biological Dynamics and Nonlinear Control

5. Fourth World Thinking, by Chris Lucas

6. Nature: Pattern of Life

7. Nature: All creatures great and small by John Whitfield

8. Nature: Magical numbers in nature by Ian Stewart and John Whitfield

9. Fractal Carbon Nanopore Network (Physics News, Number 578, Febr. 27, 2002)

10. Fractal Neural Networks (By Thomas Kromer)

11. PhysicsWeb: Talking with Biologists (d.d. may 2002)

12. Our Mind Electric? (Journal for Consciousness d.d. may 2002)

13. Using Plants as Plants (McKinsey Quarterly d.d. july 2002)

14. Fractal Geometry predicts (Nature d.d. 1 August 2002)

15. Nonlinear Dynamics for Clinicians

16. Fractals and the Laws of Life (by Geoffrey West)

17. Evolving Fractal Proteins (by Peter J. Bentley, University College London)

18. Signal and image analysis using fractal geometry (by W. Klonowski, Poland)

19. Maths gets into shape (by John Whitfield, Nature, 2 april 2003

20. Physicists Investigate Brain Power (Physics News d.d. april 2003)

21. Nanotech for New Organs(American Scientist july 2003)

22. Molecules of life come in waves (Nature, August 2003)

23. Stemm cells grown into tissues (Boston Globe, 28-10-2003)

24. Scientists create Artificial Form of Life (d.d. 19 November 2003)

25. Fractal Analysis of Trabecular Bone (University of Washington)

26. Fractals Support Growing Organs (Technlogy Research News d.d. September 2003)

27. Fractal Analysis of Blood Vessels (Nasa Research September 2003)

28.'Map of Life': the Protein Interaction Map (BBC/Science/Nature/ November 2003)

29.Researchers Design and Build First Artificial Protein (23 November 2003)

30. Fractal Dynamics in Physiology: alterations with disease and aging

31. Controlling Robots with Fractal Gene Regulatory Networks (Peter J. Bentley)

32. UA-Mathematicians predict Patterns in Fingerprints and Cacti (March 2004)

33. DNA crystal that computes as it grows (December 2004)

34. Life on the Scales (Science News d.d. February 2005)

35. Self-assembly the natural way to make things TRN 062905

36. Blood Flow Simulation through Fractal Models of Circulatory System
(Chaos Solitions and Fractals d.d. June 2005)

37. Human Beings as Fractal Systems (by Crystal Ives)

38. An optimal brochial tree may be dangerous (Nature publications 2004)

39. A Fractal Immune Network (by Peter Bentley and Jon Timmis)

40.Physicists Use Fractals To Help Parkinson's Sufferers

41. The unexpected Brains behind Blood Vessel Growth (Science, February 2005)

42. Researchers create functioning Artificial Proteins using nature's rules
(Nature, September 2005)

43. Meme storage in DNA (Douglas C. Klimesh)

44. Genomics, morphogenesis and biophysics: Triangulation of Purkinje cell development
( by Malcolm J. Simons and Andras J. Pellionisz)

45. Salvage Prospect for 'junk' DNA (Isidore Rigoutsos, IBM Research) d.d. May 2006

46. On the relationship between Fractal Geometry of Space and Time in which a system of interacting cells exists and dynamics of gene expression (by P. Waliszeski, 2001)

47. Een vernieuwende (fractale) neurodynamische benadering van ADD-ADHD

48. Print me a heart and a set of arteries (april 2006)

49. Microacupuncture Systems as Fractals of the Human Body

50. Fractals in the Biological Sciences

51.The Fractal Picture of Health and Wellbeing

52.Fractals and Cancer

53. Fractal aspects of myosin structure

54. Complex-Dynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and Its Applications in Life Sciences

55. Paul Christea end George Popescu: Fractal Dimension of Human Chromosome 22

56. The Fractal Structure of Glycogen: A Clever Solution to Optimize Cell Metabolism

57. Fractal Dimension in Human Cerebellum Measured by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

58. Fractal Gastric Cancer, Analyzed by Theoretical Physics

59. Structure in human consciousness and awareness: A fractal approach to the topology of the self perceiving an outer world in an inner space

60. Grammatical evolution to design fractal curves with a given dimension

61. Recursive construction of perfect DNA molecules from imperfect oligonucleotides (Juli 2008)

62. Lymphoma and leukemia cells possess Fractal Dimensions that correlate with their biological features (Juli 2008)

63. Classifying interstitial lung diseases in a fractal lung: a morphologist9s view "anno Domini 2000"

64. Physicists use fractals to help Parkinson's sufferers Desease (February 2009)

65. Breakthrough in understanding how blood clots by forming a branching network known as a fractal structure (April 2009)

66. Jules Ruis: Fractals Physiology Paradox

67. Harvard research: Fractal globule structure of human genome (oktober 2009)

68. MRI analysis software detects early signs (fractal dimension) of multiple sclerosis (oktober 2009)

69. Nature News: Life is complicated (like a Mandelbrot set)(March 2010)

70. Dr. Pranab Dey: Fractal Geometry in Medical Science

71. Fractals as curvey problem

72. The Fractal Body

73. Dynamics of Pain: Fractal Dimension of Temporal Variability of Spontaneous Pain Differentiates between Pain States

74. The Fractal role of Mitochondria and mtDNA in Oncogenesis

75. Jean-Claude Perez: Codon Populations in Single-stranded Whole Human Genome DNA are Fractal and Fine-tuned by the Golden Ratio 1.618

76.1. Fractal Dimension of Chromatin is an independant prognostic factor for survival in Melanoma.

76.2 Fractal Dimension of Breast Cancer (University of Calgary, 2011)

77. From isolated to fractal networked: a paradigmatic shift in mitochondrial physiology

77. Fractal Analysis of 16S rRNA Gene Sequences in Archaea Thermophiles (May 2011)

78. The fractal globule as a model of chromatin architecture in the cell

79. Fractal Brain

80. Origins of Cellular Geometry

81. Fractal analysis of tumor in brain MR images

82. Fractal-based brain tumor detection in multimodal MRI

83. Fractal Analysis of Epilepsy

84. Nature: Fractal branches patterns in brain cells

85. Science News Service: Searching for Fractals may help Cancer Cell testing (juli 2011)

86. Fractals and Human Biology

87. Printing Muscle (March 2012)

88. Malignant-healthy-cells-characteristic-fractal (December 2013)


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