The Wheel

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The Wheel is the archetypal symbol "par excellence" which can be used as a tool for comprehension of yourself and the Universe. This type of "Rosetta Stone" is the life's work of Arnold Keyserling, a Vienesse philosopher, Professor at the Academy of Art, and son of the founder of the School of Wisdom, Count Hermann Keyserling.

Click on the the center of the Wheel or one of the 12 outer sectors to get a description of that aspect of the symbol. (If you don't have a graphical browser, or there is some "trouble on the line" - you may use the links below to the same information.) Use the image of the Wheel (or the links below) to find information about the Wheel's relationship to language, grammar, the body, the Zodiac, history, geography, mythology, the solar system, the enneagram, and more!

1.   Soul Willing
2.   Body Sensing
3.   Spirit Thinking
4.   Soul Feeling
5.   Body Willing
6.   Spirit Sensing
7.   Soul Thinking
8.   Body Feeling
9.   Spirit Willing
10. Soul Sensing
11. Body Thinking
12. Spirit Feeling
13. The Center: Awareness

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The Wheel by Arnold Keyserling