7. Soul Thinking

This seventh sector of the Wheel is Soul Thinking. In the language of the Wheel Soul means being; people; psyche; energy; wave; time; vitality; bio-plasma; chakras; Ki of Chi; vital force; ego-self; self-other; social; individual; entity; mind as in body-"mind"-spirit; limbic system, mammalian brain; instincts. Soul is the middle link between Body and Spirit. Thinking means to relate; to reason, both analytically and analogically; ratiocination; order; consider; reflect; ponder; cogitate; dialectic; symbolize; conceive; connect; deliberate; either-or; both-and; enumerate; hind brain; breathing; language; and reflection.

In the body this part of the Wheel corresponds to the Hips and Kidneys. In our personal life it pertains to Community and in civilization to Law. In the ancient wisdom traditions of the West, and in the Zodiac, it is symbolized by Libra, the Scales of Justice.

In grammarical categories it pertains to the six Verbal Persons (Grammatical subjects):

		(1)	I		(4)	We
		(2)	Thou		(5)	You
		(3)	He/She/It	(6)	They
The verb-person - 6 - stands for the drive to communicate, to explain, to relate to and with other people, and to improve yourself and others.

This seventh sector of the Wheel contains position 6 on the Enneagram. The archetypal symbol or myth for the drive inherent to this sector is Neptune. It involves social intelligence, empathizing and dealing with people. Neptune also pertains to polarities: right-wrong, good-bad, rich-poor, innocent-guilty. The complementary impulse is the first sector of the Wheel, Soul Willing, the historical role of leading or following.

In life this is the age span of from 42 to 49 years. This time of life is primarily concerned with "Attaining competence and position in community." This is the halfway point in life where the center of gravity passes from private to public life. Focus shifts to establishing community position and to social responsibility. Social behavior is refined and polished.

In geography this sector of the Wheel corresponds to the one twelfth of the Earth from 140 to 110 degrees longitude West. This includes California, Western United States and Canada. The relation man/woman is in the foreground and so here the New Age and the Human Potential movement started. The ideal for cultures grown in this sector of the globe is embodied in the "myth of the western," the hero's journey (Soul Willing).

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