10. Soul Sensing

This tenth sector of the Wheel is Soul Sensing. In the language of the Wheel Soul means being; people; psyche; energy; wave; time; vitality; bio-plasma; chakras; Ki of Chi; vital force; ego-self; self-other; social; individual; entity; mind as in body-"mind"-spirit; limbic system, mammalian brain; instincts. Soul is the middle link between Body and Spirit. Sensing means perception; observe; 5 senses; unprocessed information; intake; direct and immediate consciousness; discern; sensuality; left brain; sex and excretion; sense data; and waking consciousness.

In the body this part of the Wheel corresponds to the Knees and Joints. In our personal life it pertains to Profession, and in civilization to Bureaucracy and Administration. In the ancient wisdom traditions of the West, and in the Zodiac, it is symbolized by Capricorn, the Goat.

In grammarical categories it pertains to the Adverb, connected with Question, which has eight parts:

	(1)	Where		Place
	(2)	When		Time
	(3)	Why		Cause
	(4)	How often 	Frequency
	(5)	How much	Degree
	(6)	How		Manner
	(7)	Limiting	Limitation
	(8)	Is it true	Modal (perhaps not)
The adverb - 8 - pertains to organization, responsibility and duty; to assume responsibility for some social situation or group, a problem or opportunity, and to organize or direct it until conclusion.

This tenth sector of the Wheel contains position eight of the Enneagram. The archetypal symbol or myth for the drive/impulse inherent to this sector of the Wheel, and represented by the eighth point of the Enneagram, is Saturn. The drive arises out of circumstances created by others and constitutes a response to it. It means to accept responsibility and to respond and organize. The complementary impulse is the fourth sector of the Wheel, Soul Feeling, symbolized by the Moon, imagination, the urge to dream, to visualize something new which has never been before, rather than to see something which already is and respond to it.

In life this is the age span of from 63 to 70 years. This time of life is primarily concerned with "incarnating your ideas in a new profession or retirement which embodies the spiritual vocation you have found." At this stage of life awareness of the full extent and meaning of the person's spiritual task now becomes apparent. The person takes a public stand to embody these ideas in society.

In geography this sector of the Wheel corresponds to the one twelfth of the Earth from 50 to 20 degrees longitude West. This includes Iceland and Brazil. In the north the "Eddas" are formulated in Iceland. In Brazil the Candomble, Umbanda, and Quimbanda create a religious syncretism where the Catholic religion is an integrated part. The ideal for cultures grown in this sector of the world is acceptance and intimacy (Soul Feeling).

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