4. Soul Feeling

This fourth sector of the Wheel is Soul Feeling. In the language of the Wheel Soul means being; people; psyche; energy; wave; time; vitality; bio- plasma; chakras; Ki of Chi; vital force; ego-self; self-other; social; individual; entity; mind as in body-"mind"-spirit; limbic system, mammalian brain; instincts. Soul is the middle link between Body and Spirit. Feeling means love; emotions; affects; drives; fun; intensity; enthusiasm; exhilaration; moods; imagination; force; power; passion; sentiment; strength; laughter; joy; humor; playfulness; right brain; metabolism; impulses; and dreams.

In the body this part of the Wheel corresponds to the Chest and Stomach. In our personal world it pertains to Home and Family and in civilization to Psychology. In the ancient wisdom traditions of the West, and in the Zodiac, it is symbolized by Cancer, the Crab.

In grammarical categories it pertains to the Preposition, Declension, which has four parts:

  1. Nominative Case (Subject)
  2. Accusative (Object)
  3. Dative (Relation)
  4. Genitive, Possessive
The preposition portrays the imagined personal relations between yourself and other things, people or ideas; it is a mental representation.

This fourth sector of the Wheel contains position 4 on the Enneagram. The preposition - 4 - symbolizes Imagination, the need to fantasize and dream. It's archetypal symbol or myth is the Moon. The complementary impulse is the tenth sector, Soul Sensing, with the impulse of hard headed responsiveness and duty.

In life this is the age span of from 21 to 28 years. This time of life is primarily concerned with "founding a family." In most modern societies the twenty first year represents the passage into adulthood. In this stage of life education should continue, but from inner initiative, rather then external compulsion, and the teacher's role becomes secondary. The new adult in this age group starts their own home and family and gains independence from their parents.

In history this represents the first Age of Humankind, when the great spiritual mutation changed us from Paleolithic Man to Neolithic Man. We then evolved, or quantum jumped, from Animal Man dominated by Species Instinct, to Social-Cultural Man. At this first Age we moved from a Totem - Ritual world, into a Dream World. We became Human for the first time in the context of emphasizing Soul Feeling. To be Human meant to have language, and spoken words for the first time became the key to survival. This is the so called Cancer Age, from 10998 BC to 8838 BC (see explanation of the New Age). In this Age the Clan (extended family) and Animism were first developed and were the center of historical evolution. Remnants of this First Age of Man can still be seen in some parts of the world, including the aborigines of Australia, and a few African cultures, such as the Dagara Clan of West Africa.

In geography this sector of the Wheel corresponds to the one twelfth of the Earth from 130 to 160 degrees longitude East. This includes Japan and Australia. The basis of the conception of the cultures in this sector are the acceptance of beauty, quality and socialness, and artistic and technological perfection. The ideal for cultures grown in this sector of the planet is the thoroughly organized society (Soul Sensing).

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