9. Spirit Willing

This ninth sector of the Wheel is Spirit Willing. In the language of the Wheel Spirit means animating vital principal; meaning; ideas; representations; quality; space-time continuum; intelligent or sentient part of a being; essential principal; significance; incorporeal; intellect; concept; thought; noetic; event; information; pattern; gestalt; geist; abstract; ideational; ideal; neo-cortex, human brain; knowledge. Spirit is what is typically understood in an inexact sense as mind. Willing means action of all kinds; decisions; doing; determining; controlling; yes-no; on-off; accomplishing; effectuating; carrying out; implementing; working; ordering; intuiting; forebrain; deep sleep and attention.

In the body this part of the Wheel corresponds to the Thighs and Liver. In our personal life it pertains to Ideas, and in civilization to Religion and Tradition. In the ancient wisdom traditions of the West, and in the Zodiac, it is symbolized by Sagittarius, the Archer.

In language it pertains to sentence which poses a question; ie. "Is this true?"

This ninth sector of the Wheel lies outside of the Enneagram chart of the 9 personal motivations. Its meaning as a personal impulse lies outside of individual personality. It pertains to inspiration. The questioning sentence symbolizes a state of inspiration, to inspire others or be inspired, in the context of a historical role. It's archetypal symbol or myth is the Queen. The complementary impulse is in the third sector of the Wheel, Spirit Thinking, with its drive to spiritual realization through understanding, rather than inspiration. In life this is the age span of from 56 to 63 years. This time of life is primarily concerned with "finding personal revelation or historical tradition." At this stage of life a person begins to live only for their real aim and purpose in life, the spiritual realization of their unique talent or gift. The spiritual/mental world becomes the prime concern, tieing into past traditions. Whereas the first 28 years emphasized the Body, the next 28 the Soul, the last years of life should emphasize the Spirit.

In geography this sector of the Wheel corresponds to the one twelfth of the Earth from 80 to 50 degrees longitude West. This includes Eastern America and most of South America. The common aim is freedom of choice, following your own dream; conscious in the north, dreamlike in the south. The ideal is using Science and Knowledge (Spirit Thinking) for human potential and progress.

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