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0. Survey of Biofractals

1. Information about the 'BeNe' (Belgium-Netherlands) Region

2. Information about the Life Sciences/Technology Initiative

3. Objectives of the LST Initiative

4. What are Life Sciences ?

5. The Founding Partners

6. Committees

7. Actionplan

8. Life Sciences Alliances

9. Life Sciences / Bioengineering Entrepreneur

10. Nature d.d. 21th April 2004: Benelux is Fertile GRound

Life Science Industry Cycle


Business Research




Survey of other Life Sciences Initiatives in the Benelux

21. European Strategy for Life Sciences and Biotechnology (EU january 2002)

22. Nota 'Biowetenschap en beleid' d.d. 27 september 2002

23. WRR rapport nt. 64 Biotechnologie

24. Project Life Sciences Benelux Middengebied

25. Life Sciences and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

26. Platform Life Sciences Limburg

27. Kennisnetwerk (Bio)medische Technologie Zuidoost-Nederland (programma Horizon)

28. Wageningen: City of Life Sciences

29. INeurope Life Sciences (Euregion Meuse-Rhine)

30. (Dutch Life Sciences Initiative)

31. YELS.Net: "Facilitating Young Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences

32. Initiatief voor masters-opleiding Bio-Entrepreneur

33. Actieplan Life Sciences van minister Brinkhorst d.d. 4-3-2004

34. SME's go Life Sciences (EU-programme d.d. september 2004)

35. Life Sciences Monitor van het Min. van EZ d.d. december 2005

36. Lancering Lifetec Network Zuidoost-Nederland (Brainport d.d. 8 april 2008)

Interesting publications, information and internet-links Frank van der Linden: Bouw van planten (1997)

42. Gastcollege door Bert Meijer: Nieuwe Revolutie (ED d.d. 17 april 2002)

43. Gemetica / Gemetics: a new life science? (by Jules Ruis)

44. The Bio-X Program at Stanford University

45. Fractals in the Biological sciences (N.C. Kenkel and D.J. Walker)

46. Biocomputing and Bio-informatics (prof. Peter Hilbers)

47. Tony Mikos kweekt geavanceerde kunstmatige weefsels in het laboratorium
(NRC d.d. 8 november 2003)

48. Zonnebloemmotief (Hans Bär, voorjaar 2004)

49. Fractal Patterns of early Life revealed (New Scientist, 15 July 2004)

50. Tissue Engineering & Organ Fabrication (Harvard Medical School)

51. Start van Centre for Molecular Medicine op High Tech Campus (ED 17-2-2005)

52. Chaos en fractals in de menselijke fysiologie (door Loes Glimmerveen)

53. Open Letter from Peter Gariaev, the father of Wave-genetics (fractal genetics)

54. From Helix to Hologram; an Ode on the Human Genome (by Iona Miller and Richard Alan Miller)

55. Fractal Theory to Diagnose and Treat of Breast Cancer (18 July 2006)

56. Philips groeit in micro-geneeskunde (E.D. d.d. 12 augustus 2006)

57. The discovery of DNA variability, holographic blueprints and the symphony of life
(23 november 2006)

58. New Life for "Junk" DNA

59. Do Complex Cell Structures Share a fractal-like Organization?

60. A Fractal Animation of the Human Genome

61. Human body as a fractal structure (by Mikio Sugi)

62. Fractal Concept of Mind and Brain in Traditional Chinese Medicine (by Kaoru Sakatani)

63. Cells go fractal (Nature news d.d. 4 September 2009)

64. Fractal Brains - Fractal Thoughts (d.d. 5 September 2009)

65. New Scientist d.d. 16 Oktober 2010: Fractal Life (How Chaos Theory rules Evolution)

66. The Principle of Fractal Recursive Genome Function: Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics clinical and experimental evidences (11 May 2011)

67. US Patent Office Issues FractoGene Patent to HolGenTech Founder Pellionisz (12 october 2012)

68. Programmable glue made of DNA directs tiny gel bricks to self-assemble

69. Fractal dimension of chromatin: potential molecular diagnostic applications for cancer prognosis (september 2013).

70. Fractals in Neurosciences by Antonio Di Ieva (and others), (December 2013).

100. Other relevant Life Sciences Publications

101. Journal: European Biotechnology Science & Industry News

102. Relevant Life Sciences/Technology internet-links

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