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Life Sciences / Bioengineering Entrepreneur

The BeNeReg Universities offer in close cooperation a Master's and Doctorate option of graduate study for the Life Sciences / Bioengineering Entrepreneur. This option is designed to provide students with the essential knowledge needed to move a new product idea from concept to funding in a life science company. In this program graduate courses in life sciences are combined with graduate study in business principles, finance, accounting and marketing. Students are required to conduct an independent research project and to write both a business plan and an M.S. Thesis. The thesis provides the technical foundation for the chosen project while the business plan outlines the necessary steps needed for the commercialization of the new device or procedure. To advise and assist the student, a three member faculty advisory committee will be appointed. At least one member of the committee must be a member of a faculty in the Business Administration while the other two should be members of a life science / bioengineering faculty. The student is required to give an oral presentation at the completion of the research project describing the technology and a likely path for its commercial development.

A doctoral student would follow a similar pathway, only requiring more Life Sciences / Bioengineering courses and research hours. The student would also have to take a Qualifying Exam, present a preliminary Exam and Doctoral Defense.

The Departments of Life Sciences / Bioengineering have a number of faculty who are actively involved in small high technology start-up companies. These faculty span a wide range of life sciences / bioengineering  fields like medical imaging, biosensors, bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, controlled drug delivery, and bioinformatics.


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