Centre for Fractal Science,
Design and Consultancy

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A.1.1 NEW Fractal Paradigma: from Mandelbrot and Julia to Julius Ruis Set

A.1.2 NEW Fractal Axioma: the Julius Mandelbrot Set

A.1.3 Fractal Polynomials are found back in Transcendential Fractals

A.1.4 Paradigma Shift:
ZoomingIn Mandelbrot set gives not only baby Mandelbrot sets but also baby Julia sets.

A.3 Download the Fractal Imaginator (FI) software for free and click here (64-bits computer)

A.5 Fractal Game: Creation of the Fractal Data Base with Fractal Parameter Sets as the Mathematical DNA of the Future World

B. "Fractalary": Fractals from Planet to Atoms (Artificial Human Organs)

C.1. The Fractal Science Gallery (Fractal Imaginator software)

E. Fractaaltjes; filosoferen over fractale fenomenen (FFF) (Dutch)

F. Masterclass Fractal Trigeometry (Evoluon Eindhoven)

G. TIM 2.0 : Topopleiding Interactie Managemenet

J. TIM 3.0 : Toptraject Interactie Management (Dutch)

K. Singularity University Netherlands (SUN) in Eindhoven (Evoluon?)
creating a Virtual Community (VIC) for Bio-Nano-Robotics products,
also called Complex Adaptive and Emergent Systems (CAES)

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