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Julius Ruis Fractal Imaginator (Fi) launched (March 2005)

Terry W Gintz and Jules Ruis have launched a new fractal software program for navigating and creating Mandelbrot Sets, Julia sets and Julius Ruis sets.

The program is based on scientific research, done in The Netherlands at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The Fractal Imaginator (Fi) has been developed for Science, Technology, Art and Design.

The Fractal Imaginator is an innovative new program for generating fractal images. Based on Fractal Zplot, parts of this program have been in continuous development since several years. New additions to Imaginator are drawn from Jules Ruis' program "Fractal Awareness" algorithms.

Fractal Imaginator currently supports Julius Ruis sets of Julia basins, orbit-traps, level sets, Newton's method, and Phoenix curves, as well as the standard Mandelbrot and "warped" Mandelbrot sets. 3D fractal types include quaternion, hypercomplex, cubic Mandelbrots, cquat and octonions.

The Julius Ruis set is a smart presentation of 400 Julia sets, showing that the Mandelbrot set is the parameter basin of all closed Julia sets.

This program features an ease of use in exploring Julia and Mandelbrot sets that is quite literally fantastic! Up to 441 Julia (or "warped" Mandelbrot) sets can be viewed on a screen, which mirror the Mandelbrot set they are based on.

You can zoom into the Julius Ruis sets, click on and examine a single Julia or Mandelbrot fractal, and render it in hundreds of different ways to create original fractal art, including 3D fractal images, or study the growth patterns of different fractal formulas with over twenty different Growth examples.

Many of these examples show fractals in motion by morphing key parameters in the fractal formulas. This program finally takes the guesswork out of what and where Julia sets are located in fractal space. But that is only the beginning.

Data files from Imaginator can also be imported into Zplot for additional or alternate processing (on single images.) Have fun exploring the fractal universe!

The fractals can be created in 3D format. The output can be saved as bmp-file, jpg/gif-file, obj-file or stl-file. The stl-filing makes it possible to create real products, manufactured on rapid prototyping machines like 3D color printers of Z-corporation.

Features of Fractal Imaginator:
- Getting Started Tutorial
- Julius Ruis maps for easy navigating of Julia basins
- Choice of 441, 25 or one image to a draw window
- 22 examples of Fractal Growth, including beautiful 8-fold symmetry
- 190 Built in Formulas + FraSZle Formula set
- Detailed Parser information for creating your own custom formulas
- Import option for loading FraSZle parameter files [FSZ]
- 3D quaternion exports
- Wavefront object format [OBJ]
- Stereolithography [STL]
- Triangle mesh [POV]
- Smooth Triangle mesh [POV]
- Mesh simplification for smaller OBJ and POV export files
- Virtual reality [WRL]
- AutoCad [DXF]
- Palette-based coloring methods (60000+ colors out of 16 million)
- Adjustable lighting model with Phong highlights
- Random image generators and random genetic formula generator
- Batch mode for unattended image creation
- Integrated video routines allow easy morphing and rotating between key frames
- AVI object options for exporting single frames as 3D object files
- Pilot for easy panning, zooming and rotating 3D fractals
- Separate user-defined folders for file types like palettes, videos, objects and drawings
- Context help for menu commands and dialog windows
- PDF (printable) Manual

For more information: Jules.Ruis@fractal.org , for buying the Fractal Imaginator

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