In search of Fractal Awareness

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In search of Fractal Awareness

1. Julius Ruis Set
• Starting with Julia Sets and Mandelbrot Set
• Between zero and infinity
• With orbits (Julius Ruis Set) and without orbits (Julius Set)
• Core competence (one core / dual cores)
• Attractors / strange attractors
• Edge of Chaos

2. Mathematical formulas
• Polynomials
• Transcendental functions
• Inverted functions

3. BBM8.exe
• Written in Power Basic
• Some phenomena still to be searched (e.g.. disappearing of orbits)
• Relation with Awareness Governance Model (in Dutch: Bewustzijns Besturings Model, BBM)
• Questionnaires BBM and model of Dynamic Transfer
• Integrated Images of Basic, Business and Global Awareness

4. Fractal Imaginator (Fi)
• Source code in possession of Terry Gintz
• Fi is for sale on internet
• Trial version can be downloaded for free
• File-extension is .fim data-file, together with the filing of fractal images as .bmp and .jpg files
• 3D fractal images as .obj and .stl files
• Viewing with 3D explorer

5. Fractal Science and Art Gallery
• Several images on internet with .fim files

6. Patent Application
• Using Fractal Geometry for design and manufacturing of Artificial Human Organs (e.g. Blood Vessels)
• Rapid Prototyping (biodegradable scaffolds)
• Tissue Engineering (direct writing of cells)
• 3D examples (Amitek en TNO)
• 186 persons consulted (without success)

7. Fractalary: Fractals from Planet to Atoms
• Fractal Design Cycle

8. Fractal Human Organs
• Comparising of real images with fractal images

9. Fractal DNA, RNA and Proteins
• Fractal Approach of the Genome (Andras Pellionisz)
• International PostGenetics Society (IPGS)
• Article of Pellionisz with reference to Julius Ruis Set
• Function on membranes (Fractal Evolution)

10. Self-assembly of Atoms and Molecules
• Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS)
• Scientific publications

11. Particles and Unparticles
• Elements as Particle and Wave (quantum mechanics)
• Scale-invariance of Unparticles

12. Bio-nano-robotics
• High Tech Systems

13. Complex Adaptive and Emergent Systems
• Book of Rutger Van Zanten
• Strength of TU/e and region Benelux Middengebied
• Article of Jules Ruis about Fractal Systems

14. Fractal Earth
• Food on Demand
• Sustainable Development

15. Fractal Space

16. Fractal Time

17. Fractal Relationship/Connectivity

18. Universal Fractal Awareness

A. Publications
B. Internet links
C. Search Engine

12 April 2008


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