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Inspiring initiative for clothing/textile project

Martje van de Meerendonk starts '10 flowers', a company for clothing and textile art.

Personal Statement of Martje van de Meerendonk:

"This clothing/textile art project was born out of an internal urge to actually "do" something, and leave something behind in this the world that is truly worth while (apart from my children…).And thus not only producing beautiful ideas and concepts, creating a feeling of joy and pleasure, but also making sure that during the whole process, in every little step during actual production, we get a step closer to a world in which every person gets a life in which his basic rights as a being are respected.

The choice for Fair Trade, organic/ecological materials, or recycled materials was evident. The choice for designing clothes and textile art have always been a childhood dream. I remember standing in front of the mirror, with a towel around me showing my sister all the future dresses I would make out of this 1,5 meter piece of fabric…And my first bikini, cutting out some triangles out of fabric I liked, not water-proof at all. I was lucky my mother was very open minded and let me go to the beach with it, I was 6…

I love designing; setting up my own clothing company always have been my ‘’happy thought’’. A company managed in my special way, very critical in use of materials, use of colours and forms, and people who join me on this path. Manufactured in a way that respects human rights in its broadest sense, creating income for everyone involved, giving proper value to handwork labour, and with respect for nature.

My first steps on realising my happy thought have been set, and I feel the energy to fly! I had the biggest luck to ‘’google’’ into a company called HarmonyArt and an inspiring and lovely person called Harmony. She designed my beautiful logo, and the name '10 flowers' evolved when working together in creating a customized design for a special project I am working on. As I googled on, I again had the luck to hit into an article referring to the 'Julius Ruis set' (fractal geometry)….and that is when things started to happen…

The idea in itself is not special, how intriguing it might be, it is the way it is realised that makes it special and gives it its proper value…."

For more information, and collection/samples send Martje an email: or give her a call 023 - 5297406.

Website '10 flowers' ( ) is under construction.


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