Quality of Life

QOL in the BeNe Region

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Quality of Life in the BeNe Region

as a base for new 'Scientific and Technological Elan'

focussed at the development of 'Life Sciences Industry and Services'


The Awareness Governance Model

- Basic awareness

- Business awareness

- Global awareness

Quality of Life

- The needs/motivation hierarchy according to Maslow (basic awareness)

- The needs/motivation hierarchy in organizations (business awareness)

- The needs/motivation hierarchy on regional level (global awareness)

- Cultural differences; the power (and weakness) of language

The BeNe Region

- Dutch spoken

- Down to the large rivers

- From Wageningen, Eindhoven and Maastricht to Leuven and Gent

Quality of Life in the BeNe Region

- Live (eating and drinking), dressing en lodging

- Education, welfare and security/safety

- Working, recreation en sports

- Art, culture and science

- Religion, spirituality and beauty

- So: from prosperity and welfare to peace and happiness

Actors en Facts

- We aim for well-educated and civilised people

- Who can live and work safely in a decent society

- Where ethics and integrity are leading guides for everyday action

- Who feel responsible for weak, ill or disabled fellow people

- With respect for the protection of the natural environment

Life Sciences/Technology Initiative

- What is the definition of Life Sciences?

- What does the Life Sciences/Technology Initiative comprehend?

- Who are the most important partners?

- Which products and services are intended to be delivered?

- How can the stated goals be realised the coming next years?


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