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The Life Sciences/Technology Objectives

The purpose of the BeNeReg Life Science Initiative is to focus the energies, resources and expertise of BeNeReg's life sciences community on selected, critical objectives that will support the continued growth of all life sciences industry sectors. These objectives will change over time in response to the expressed needs of the life sciences community. We urge you to utilize this web site to communicate your ideas.

    Proposed objectives

  • To establish as a primary resource for BeNeReg's Life Sciences industry. It's purpose will be to enhance communication between all Life Sciences industry sectors, disseminate information of interest to the life sciences community, and provide a central location for the collection of information relevant to the industry. The web site is a work in progress and its success depends very much on your feedback.

  • To conduct a comprehensive life sciences industry needs assessment and facilitate the development of strategies for addressing identified needs.

  • Enhance communication and information among the life sciences community.

  • Encourage support for broad regional initiatives to promote the development of the BeNeReg Life Sciences industry, nationally and internationally.

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