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A.1 General Information

Access Excellence
BioTech's Life Science Dictionary
Derwent Information - Glossary
Dutch Life Sciences Data
Dutch Medical Technology Data (Medtechdata)
Edinburgh University Library Resources in Biological Sciences
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
Evolution - Beleid Life Sciences - Ministerie van Economische Zaken
Free Patens Online Database
Life Scieces Alliances
Life Sciences - Subsidies
Life Sciences Benelux
Life Sciences Limburg
Long Island Life Science Initiative
National Academy of Sciences
Nobel e-Museum
science.komm life science and medical directory
ScienceNet Life Science
World Biotechnology Organisations

A.2 Journals and books

Asia-Pacific Biotech News
Bio-IT World (Technology for the Life Sciences)
BioMedNet Magazine
European Biotechnology News
Genome Biology
Health Science Arena
IBM Life Sciences Web Lecture Series
Journal of Biology
Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education
Leading Biotechnology Alliances
Magazine HMS Beagle
Nature Biotechnology - Bioentrepreneurship
Nature Journals Nature Biotechnology
Nature science journals
New Scientist
PhRMA Genomics A Global Resource
PhysicsWeb - Institute of Physics
PLoS Biology Open-Access Journal
Science Magazine
Self-Organized Biological Dynamics and Nonlinear Control
The American Journal of Bioethics Online
The Cerebellum
The Industrial Physicist
The Lancet
The Scientist - The News Journal for the Life Scientist

A.3 International Institutes

Analytical Research Systems, Inc.
BBA Links to International Institutes
Biomedical Engineering University of Florida
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Bio-X programme Stanford
Bio-X Stanford University
BME Stony Brook Department of Biomedical Engineering
Centers for Molecular Medicine (CMM)
Derwent Information - life sciences patent information
Hunt Lab at UCSF
ILSI (International Life Sciences Insitute)
ILSI Europe
Life Science & Technology Leiden Delft
Los Alamos National Laboratory
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
Varian (Scientific Instruments)
Watson School of Biological Sciences

A.4 BeNe Universities and Research

Academisch Ziekenhuis Vrije Universiteit Brussel
ATO Wageningen
BBA Members, Universities
Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics, Nijmegen
CMBI, Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics, Nijmegen
Department of Population Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics
Eindhoven University of Technology
EURANDOM Eindhoven
Faculteit der Geneeskunde Maastricht
Fractal Sciences, Universite de Liege
Ghent University
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen
Laboratory of polymer technology TUE
Limburgs Universitair Centrum
NMR group Nijmegen University
Plant Research International, Wageningen
TechnoBase, het virtuele trefpunt voor industrie, wetenschap en gezondheidszorg
The Graduate School VLAG, Wageningen
tUL - transnationale Universiteit Limburg
Universitair Medisch Centrum St Radboud te Nijmegen
Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve
Université de Ličge
Universiteit Antwerpen
Universiteit Maastricht
Universiteit Tilburg
Vito - Flemish institute for technological research
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Wageningen Intitute of Animal Sciences
Wageningen University and Research Centre

A.5 BeNe Consultancy

InnoTact Consulting in biotechnology
MediTech Strategic Consultants BV   -- Vaals (NL) --

A.6 BeNe Industry

Advanta Seeds B.V., Kapelle
Akzo Nobel, Arnhem
Ansynth Service B.V., Roosendaal
ATL Philips, Best-Eindhoven
ATO, Wageningen
Avantis (Science and Business Park, Aachen-Heerlen)
Aventis Crop Science Benelux, Oosterhout
Biosynt, Maastricht
Bipp (BioPolymers Products) Eindhoven
Boekos Food Group, Boekel
Campina Melkunie, Zaltbommel
Clinical Trial Operations b.v (CTO), Oss
Devgen, Zwijnaarde Belgie
Diosynth, Oss
Euro-Diagnostica, Arnhem
Eurotrol, Wageningen
Future Diagnostics, Wijchen
Genetwister Technologies B.V., Wageningen
Genzyme Corporation,
Gravotech,3D reality, Noord-Holland
Greenomics, Wageningen
Groenendijkgenomics, Wageningen
Hbt HyCult Biotechnology b.v. Uden
Holland Genetics Arnhem
Ingeny, Goes
Innogenetics biotechnology for healthcare
Keygene n.v., Wageningen
Lucron Bioproducts BV, Milsbeek
Meddens Diagnostics, Vorden
Minntech Corporation, Heerlen
Mubio Reserach BV, Maastricht
Nizo Food Research, Ede
NIZO food research
Noldus, Wageningen
NOTOX, 's Hertogenbosch
NutriScience Food and Nutritional Research, Maastricht
NV Organon, Oss
Pamgene, Den Bosch
PerkinElmer Life Sciences Zaventem
PharmaDM, Leuven
Philips Medical Systems, Best-Eindhoven
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Plant Dynamics, Bennekom
Rendac, Son
Royal Philips Electronics
Sanbio Uden
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Wageningen
Sobel N.V., Son
Stryker Corporation, Eindhoven
Synthon, Nijmegen
Teeuwissen Group, Cuijk
TNO Industrie, Eindhoven
UCB Group, Brussel
Vito - Vlaamse instelling voor technologisch onderzoek

A.7 BeNe Services

Belgian BioIndustries Association
BOM, Tilburg
Cardio Control Services
ESKAN Economische Stimulering Knooppunt Arnhem - Nijmegen
GOM, Arnhem
Hollandbiotechnology b.v.
Industriebank LIOF, Maastricht
Mediserv, Eindhoven
Msource Medical Development Brussel-Maastricht
Novaxon Maastricht
Platform for Medical Technology (PMT)

A.8 BeNeProducts

Cardio Control Products and Services
Enzymen (DSM)
Life Sciences Products
Philips Medical Systems International
TechnoBase, het virtuele trefpunt voor industrie, wetenschap en gezondheidszorg

A.9 Ethics Life Sciences

American Journal of Bioethics Online
Bioethics Discussion Pages
Bioethics Resources on the Web
Center for Bioethics
Center for the Study of Bioethics
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Life sciences committee for Ethics
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Bio-ethiek
Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Quality of Life
University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics



Agritech Focus on Israeli Agrotechnology
AVA - Agrotechnology
Center of Alternative Agrotechnology for the Northwest, Regional Non-Government
Centre for AgroTechnology - Aalborg University
Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Animal Science

Wageningen Intitute of Animal Sciences
Wageningen Research Center, Department of Animal Sciences

Artificial Life

Artificial life links
International Society for Artificial Life
Artificial Life resources - directory of Artificial Life related websites


The Virtual Library of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Cell Chemistry


Association of Natural Bio-control Producers
Biocontrol Network
Biocontrol Network
Biocontrol Sites
BioControl Systems
BioControl Systems, Inc.
Biocontrol Technology, Inc.
Insect Biocontrol Lab


Center for BioDynamics
Self-organized biological dynamics and nonlinear control


ASME Bioengineering Division
Bioengineering (Arizona State University)
Bioengineering AG Switzerland, Bioreactors, sterilisable Plants
Bioengineering at Penn State University
Bioengineering at Stanford
Bioengineering Center, Wayne State University
BioEngineering CU Boulder
Bioengineering Department (University of Illinois Chicago)
Bioengineering Industry Links - Pharmaceutical
Bioengineering Research Group
Bioengineering UIUC
Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, MIT
Clemson University -- Department of Bioengineering
D.I.S. - Bioengineering Lab.
Department of Bioengineering (University Wasington)
Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley
Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering Rice University
Penn Bioengineering
Penn Engineering Bioengineering
The Bioengineering Action Network


Nature Biotechnology - Bioentrepreneurship
The Scientist - The 'Uncompany' Answer to Building a Company

Bioinformatics and modeling

Biotech Bioinformatics
Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics
PhRMA Bioinformatics


The Joy of VB - Bio-Logic for the Business Age


Biologie voor het voortgezet onderwijs
Developmental Biology
Developmental Biology
Kimball's Biology Pages

Bonding Bucky-Onions
European Cells and Materials Journal
Eyes in their stars
Society For Biomaterials

Biomedical Engineering

About Biomedical Engineering Eindhoven-Maastricht
Home Page

Biomedical Imaging

PhysicsWeb Features - Biomedical optics

Biomedical Systems

Biomolecular Engineering


Vital signs


Biological lessons for physicists
Department of Biological Physics, Eötvös University (Budapest, Hungary)
Physics and biology


Clemson University Department of Bioengineering -- People
MIT Three Dimensional Printing Laboratory
View the FDM Process
Z Corporation


BioTech About the BioTech WWW Server
BioTech's Life Science Dictionary
SRC VB VECTOR, Novosibirsk Russia
World Biotechnology Organisations

Cell Biology

A3243G - MitoMap - Map of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)
ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate)
Brain Mitochondria
Cell Arrangements and Tissues
Cell Biology cells, cell physiology, cell structure, cell replication.
Cell biology RNA transport in development
Cell Migration Consortium • Cell Migration Science • Migration 101
CELLS alive!
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (CMLS)
Cellular Membrane
Cellular Respiration
Dictionary of Cell Biology
Genes, Macromolecules, -&- Computers t
Human Mitochondrial Protein Database
Mitochondrion Model
Molecular Expressions Cell Biology Structure of Cells and Viruses
mtDB - Human Mitochondrial Genome Database
Pasteur Institute the DNA Biophysics Laboratory
The Virtual Library of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Watergate Water Channels in Cell Membrane


Sakina Wisdom Earth Renewal

Environmental Sciences

Department of Environmental Sciences

Food Sciences

Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Fractal Science

Fractal Evolution
Fractal Genomics
Fractal Navigator
IoC research The Fractal Model of the Blood-Vessel System, Kalda

Genetics and Genomics

CGC - Columbia Genome Center
DNA Sciences
Erfelijkheid, mono- en dihybridekruisingen
Fractal Genomics - The Technology -
GeneGuide Demo
Genomic Informatics
Genomics Netherlands
Index van begrippen uit de genetica
inside information - genetic information
LLNL Human Genome Center
Mono- en dihybride kruisingen
Nature genome gateway
PhRMA Genomics A Global Resource
Stanford Human Genome Center
UC Davis Genome Center
UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Home

Medical Imaging Techniques

Medical Imaging Techniques
National Center For Microscopy and Imaging Research
Other imaging sites on the WWW.

Medical Procedures

Medical Procedures

Molecular Biology

Master Molecular Life Sciences HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen)
CMU SCS - Computational Molecular Biology Research
Computanional Molecular Biology (Eurandom)
Group of Molecular Biophysics
Lodish, Molecular Cell Biology 4e
Molecular Biology (Eurandom)

Molecular Imaging

Molecular Imaging by Diagnostic Imaging


Foresight Institute
HP announces molecular electronics breakthrough
Institute of Nanotechnology
Malsch Techno Valuation
Nanodot News and Discussion of Coming Technologies



Brain & Mind Magazine - General Index
Brain Museum
Institute for Brain Research
Nederlandsse Hersenbank

Fractal Neural Network

Plant Science

Departement Plantenwetenschappen, onderdeel van Wageningen Universiteit and Research Centrum (Wageningen UR)
International Organization for Plant Information

Proteome and Proteomics

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
The Protein Data Bank

Smart BioPolymers online resources for a better environment biopolymer products

Tissue Engineering

Materials Technology Research
Tissue Engineering TUE


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