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Life Sciences/Technology Initiative

The original discussions that gave birth to the BeNe Life Sciences Initiative involved representatives from a broad cross-section of the BeNeReg life sciences community, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, food processing, environmental and medical device companies, as well as research and educational institutions, and business service providers. There was general agreement that the growth of the life sciences industry in the BeNe Region would be best served by providing a regional industry-focused forum and a voice for its needs. Numerous suggestions were made about key issues and critical actions. Based on those formative discussions and the interests expressed by the participants, a steering committee, agenda of activities, and task forces are being constituted.

The goal is emphatically not to create a new organization, but to create a forum and an arena through which existing entities and organizations - through tightly focused, ad hoc organizational structures - can accomplish specific tasks and projects to keep the life sciences vital and growing as a key BeNeReg technology industry.

The Initiative is intended to be a fluid and dynamic process driven by the expressed needs of the life sciences industry. 

If you wish to participate, please email  Jules Ruis, for Fractal Design and Consultancy.


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