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Programmed DNA forms fractal

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Programmed DNA Forms Fractal,

Artificial DNA molecules that form fractal sets of triangles within triangles prove that molecular self-assembly can be used for all manner of technologies. Getting from theory to computational and nanotechnological reality, however, involves finding ways to correct copious errors.

A decade after the idea became the topic of his doctoral dissertation, a researcher at the California Institute of Technology has showed that it is possible to coax short strands of artificial DNA to spontaneously assemble into a Sierpinski triangle.

A Sierpinski triangle is a type of crystal, or structure that regularly repeats. The Sierpinski triangle is fractal -- a pattern of triangles that looks the same in zoomed-in or zoomed-out views.
The image on the top shows DNA molecules that have self-assembled into a Sierpinski triangle pattern. The graphic on the bottom shows the fractal pattern.

Source: Programmed DNA Forms Fractal
Kimberly Patch, Technology Research News, 05/04/06


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