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Fractal Speech Processing

Marwan Al-Akaidi

| Hardback | 300 pages 63 figures

ISBN: 0521814588

Published in May 2004

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Although widely employed in image processing, the use of fractal techniques and the fractal dimension for speech characterisation and recognition is a relatively new concept which is now receiving serious attention. This book represents the fruit of research carried out to develop novel fractal-based techniques for speech and audio signal processing. Much of this work is finding its way into practical commercial applications with Nokia Communications and other key organisations. The book starts with an introduction to speech processing and fractal geometry, setting the scene for the heart of the book where fractal techniques are described in detail with numerous applications and examples, and concluding with a chapter summing up the advantages and potential of these new techniques over conventional processing methods. A valuable reference for researchers, academics and practising engineers working in the field of audio signal processing and communications.


1. Introduction to speech processing; 2. Mathematical background; 3. Computational background; 4. Introduction to fractal geometry; 5. Application to speech processing and synthesis; 6. Processing speech signal with fractals; 7. Synthesising speech using fractals; 8. Encryption and coding; 9. Chaotic systems; 10. Conclusion.


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