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Ambient Intelligence A=General

The web site for ambient intelligence and e-health

Ambient Intelligence Books

Emerging Communication - Studies on new practices in communication

Ambient Intelligence Business Research

Ambient Intelligence in Philips HomeLab
e2 home
Easy Living Microsoft
Hall of Science and Technology National-Panasonic
Microsoft Debuts Concept Home
Philips Research - Ambient Intelligence; a new user experience

Ambient Intelligence Conferences

Accepted Papers for the Workshop on Ambient Intelligence (University of Pisa)
CIRA2005 About the CIRA 2005 conference
EUSAI 2004 - European Symposium on Ambient Intelligence
UbiHealth 2003 The 2nd International Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing for Pervasive Healthcare Applications
UbiHealth 2004 The 3nd International Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing for Pervasive Healthcare Applications
Ubiquitous Smart Worlds (USW2005)

Ambient Intelligence in Health Care

Ambient Health Dashboard
Ambient Intelligence for people with disabilities and
Ambient Intelligent Technologies for Wellbeing at Home
Barriers limiting the diffusion of ICT proactive and pervasive Health Care
Care in the Community
Center For Future Health - Smart Medical Home Diagram
Center For Future Health (University of Rochester)
Design Requirements for Ubiquitous Computing Environments for Healthcare
eHealth - Research Opportunities
EU activities in the area of eHealth
European Research and Development Achievement in eHealth and Future Plans
From stethoscope to ambient intelligence the evolution of healthcare
Health Informatics - R&D in Europe
Hospitals of the Future – Ubiquitous Computing
Issues In IT Supported Personal Health Management
Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Laboratory, Milan, Italy.
MyHeart Consortium
MyHeart -Fighting cardio-vasulair diseases by preventif lifestyle & early diagnosis
MyHeart Project Philips
Philips magazine - Personal Healthcare
Pilips HeartStart
Publication - Ambient Intelligence in Health Care
Samenwerking Fontys met Platform Medische Technologie
Societal Aspects of Ambient Intelligence in the field of Health Care and Surveillance
The IPTS Report - eHealth and the Ageing Society - February 2004
Ubiquitous Computing for Healthcare (Imperial College London)
Ubiquitous Computing in Healthcare (Seoul, Korea)

Ambient Intelligence Programs

Adressing Future IST Researc Challenges in Europe
Europa - Research - News Centre The age of ambient intelligence
Freeband Communication
IST Advisory Group - Ambient Intelligence - from vision to reality
ISTAG - Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence in 2010
Priorities of the Sicth Framework Programme 2002-2006
Senter - IOP MMI - Innovation-oriented Research Program Human-Machine Interaction
TU-e Research Profile

Ambient Intelligence Projects

Intelligentes Haus Duisburg
ITEA Ambience project (000003)
Living Tomorrow (Amsterdam)
MIT Project Oxygen
Project - Ubiquitous Computing at Case
Santa Anna IT Research Institute AB - Projects
Seniorengerechte Technik im häuslichen Alltag - sentha

Ambient Intelligence Publications

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and the IS in 2010
Ambient Intelligence (Nigel Shadbolt, University of Southampton)
Ambient Intelligence in Everyday Lif - Housing
Ambient Intelligence Visions and Achievements - Linking Abstract Ideas to
IC Design Challenges for Ambient Intelligence
Protocol Requirements for Self-organizing Artifacts - Towards an Ambient Intelligence
Scenarios for Ambient Intelligence
Science and Technology in Everyday Life
Smart Rooms & Houses and Household Appliances
The culture of Ambient intelligence - Royal Philips Electronics
The socio-economic dimensions of Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence Universities

CTIT Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (Twente)
HCI at Stanford University
Intelligent House Duisburg Innovation Center
MavHomeManaging an Adaptive Versatile Home, CSE@UTA
MIT Home of the Future
MIT Media Laboratory
MIT Project AIRE
NIST Smart Space Laboratory
Stanford Interactive Workspaces
The Aware Home Research Initiative (Georgia Tech)
Toward Realization of the Ubiquitous Society (Nomura Research Institute)
TU-e - Industrial Design
[AHRI] - Aware Home Research Initiative

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