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3D Fractals

3d-fractals (quaternions), gallery of images & software
Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Landshapes
Fractals Everywhere
Henrik Engstrom's 3D-pictures
Iñigo Quilez - 3d fractals
PFF Software
Right Hemisphere - 3D Graphics Software
Skal's 3D-fractals collection
Vue d'Esprit
XenoDream - making fractals


Artsy’s M.C. Escher page
CALResCo's educational site
Chaos Hypertextbook
Chaos Theory and Complexity Theory
Chaos Theory and Fractals
Complexity Digest
Cynthia Lanius' Lessons
Evgeny's notes
Exploring Patterns in Nature
F r a c t a l - T h e o r i e
Fractal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fractal - Wikipedia
Fractal Applications
Fractal Buddha
Fractal Chaos Philosophy
Fractal Evolution
Fractal Forums
Fractal Foundation
Fractal Geometry Panorama
Fractal Geometry Yale University
Fractal Geometry
Fractal history index
Fractal Universe
Fractal World!
Fractals -- from MathWorld
Fractals by Paul Bourke
Fractals Contents (by Clare Judd)
Fractals Contents
Fractals Tutorial
Fusion Anomaly.
Genesis of Eden
Great Thinkers and Visionaries
Julius Ruis Fractal Science and Art Gallery created with the Fractal Imaginator (Fi)
Laws of Wisdom
Mandelbrot Set and Indexing of Julia Sets
M-set Anatomy Contents
Paul Bourke - Personal Pages
Principia Cybernetica Web
School of Wisdom
Spanky Fractal Database
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
The Chaos Hypertextbook
The Mandelbrot set Anatomy Contents
This Magic Sea
World of Fractals

Art galleries

Fractal Stock Photography at Foto Search
011Art Big gallery
011Art Fractals - Milan Dobrojevic, fractal gallery
Amazing Seattle Fractals!
Art and Fractals
Ata - fractal art from Tahiti by Tenui
Big Al's Fractals
CALResCo's Complex Art Exhibition
Caplyn Dor - Surrealism and Geometrics
Dave's Graphics Page
Erd Ogivae graphics!
fa2k - Fractal-Art 2000 Contest
Fantastic Fractals
Fractal Alhambra
Fractal and Digital Art Gallery, Peapod Design
Fractal and mathematically inspired jewelry
Fractal Art by Wizzle - Mathemagic Images
Fractal Art FAQ
Fractal Art Gallery
Fractal Art, fractals design FRACTINT
Fractal Digital Images, Prints, Calendars, Posters
Fractal Domains - Artists Gallery Master Index
Fractal Domains Gallery
Fractal Fantasies, etc.
Fractal Gallery - mandelbrot molecules (mu)
Fractal Gallery 20
Fractal Journeys - Explorations into the Mandelbrot Set
FrAcTaL LiFe
Fractal Mucis
Fractal Visions!
Fractal Zoom Movies by Eric Bigas
Fractal Art - Galeria de arte fractal -
Fractals by Jos Leys
Fractals by Jos Leys-Gallery
fractalus - Fractal Art '99 Contest
fractalus - The Fractal Art Manifesto
Fractility Art Gallery
fractius 's Home Page
Glamrockcop - 3D Bryce Fractals Abstracts
Hidden Dimension Fractals
Index of -eyemagic-Animation-Fractals
Infinite Fractal Loop
Internet Fractal Database
Into the Mystic
Joakim Linde's Fractal Icon Archive
Les St Clair's Fractal Panorama
Links to other fractal artists
Maria's Fractal Explorer gallery
Mathematica Magica Galleries
Mind-Boggling Fractals, David Shanholtzer Gallery
MOCA the Museum of Computer Art
Photography, psychedelic, fractal, visionary art, animation
Pink Pussycat's Fractals
Polynomiography - The Art and Science of Visualizing Polynomials
REALM OF THOUGHTS - Fractal Section
Rooms with a View -- Terry Wright's Fractal Page
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Stotty's Fractal Site
Sylvie Gallet's Fractal Gallery
The Beauty of Chaos
The Evolutionary Art of Steven Rooke
The Fractal Artists' Webring - Art. Not Dogma.
The Fractalist
The Ultimate Fractal Video Project!
The World of Escher
Traditional Fractals

Artificial life

Artificial Life Boston
Artificial Life Online 2.0 - The Digital Biology Project
CELLS alive!
Conway's Game of Life
Digital Life Laboratory Software - Avida
ISAL - International Society for Artificial Life
Jeffrey Ventrella
The GOLEM Project
The Temple of Alife
What is Artificial Life by Chris G Langton

Awareness and consciousness

A New Multi-Disciplinary Subject
Astromind intelligence, focus and consciousness.
Astromind program.
Charter of Connetted
Consciousness and Cognition
EM Fiels Theory of Consciousness
Fractal Darwinism
fractal networks
Fractalic Awakening - New metaphysics, fractals, consciousness, awareness, spirituality, enlightenment
Global Consciousness Project
Natural Genesis - Table of Contents
New Civilization Network
Online papers on consciousness
Peter Russell - The Spirit of Now
PSYCHE An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness
Quantum Consciousness
Resources on Consciousness
SpiritWeb Achieving Reality Consciousness
TGD and Consciousness
Uomo Universale
World Database of Happiness
World Transformation

Books and Journals

A New Kind of Science
Artificial Life Online 2.0 - ALife journals
Books about Fractals
Books by co-Faculty Business Dynamics by John Sterman
Chaos - NeuroLab Site Italy
Chaos An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science--September 2002
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals
Complex Systems
Complexity Digest
Complexity International
Consciousness and Cognition
Contemporary Philosophy of Mind An Annotated Bibliography
Dynamical Psychology, Table of Contents
Emergence A Journal of Complexity Issues in Organizations and Management
Fractal Cosmology
Fractals Everywhere; Barnsley, Michael F.
Game Theory .net
Handbook of Action Research Introduction
Heinz Georg Schuster Complex Adaptive Systems
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC)
Journal of Artifical Societies and Social Simulation
Journal of Bionomics
Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
Journal of Organizational Change Management
Journal of Pattern Recognition and AI
Julia and Mandelbrot Set Bibliography
LINKED The New Science of Networks
Out of Control Table of Contents
PSYCHE An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness
Resource Links on Self-Organisation, Complexity and Artificial Life
Spiral Dynamics
Symmetry in Chaos
The Computational Beauty of Nature
The Gaia Hypothesis - Lovelock & Margulis
the Raelian Revolution
The Scientist - The News Journal for the Life Scientist
The Third Culture
The Tipping Point
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Complex Systems
UBIQUITY - The Online Magazine of The Ultranet - June, 2000
Welcome to BioBeat Online!
World Scientific Online Bookshop
Your Community and Booksource for Integral Culture and Spirituality

Chaos and dynamic systems

Chaos at Maryland
Chaos Theory and Fractals
Chaos Theory
Complexity On-line
Complexity, Complex Systems and Chaos Theory
Computation Physics - Carleton University - Chaotic Dynamics
COSIN, COevolution and Self-organisation In dynamical Networks
Ingrid Lundahl en haar fractalssite
Introducing Complexity Theory & Artificial Life
Making Order Out of Chaos
Order and Chaos in Mathematics and Nature - Ian Stewart
Spiral Dynamics
The Chaordic Alliance
The Chaos Experience
The Chaos Game
The World of Chaos and Fractals
Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
What is Chaos An Interactive Online Course for Everyone
Whole Systems


C o l o r . M a t t e r s
Color & WebDesign
Color Therapy
Colour Order Systems in Art and Science
CZ Medisch A-Z - Kleurentherapie
Goethe's Theory of Colors
Google zoeken meaning of color
Meaning of Color
Symboliek kleuren
Trees tell pests to leaf off
Zeven kleuren chackras


Complexity International
Complexity On-line
PhysicsWeb - Noisy signals strengthen human brainwaves

Dutch articles and sites
Computer algebra Recursie
Da Vinci's Codex en de fractale wiskunde
De afdeling fractalen
Fractal Art
Fractale dimensie ADHD
Introductie in Fractals
L-Systemen en Fractale Groei
Op de grens van alfa en beta
Start fractal-site
Wat is een fractal
WisFaq Fractals


BPL Links to Emotion Research
Brain and Emotions Research at UW-Madison
Discovering Ourselves The Science of Emotion
Emotion Research - The X Lab!
Emotion Research Team Animated GIF
Emotion research
Geneva Emotion Research Group
Great Ideas in Personality--Basic Emotions
Great Ideas in Personality--Theory and Research
Science of Emotion, The Research and Tradition in the Psychology of Emotion
The Nature of Emotions
Vakhomepage Emotions

Fractal Animation

Biocursion short film of fractal animation

Fractal Antenna Design

Antenna Design Fractals' New Era in Military Antenna Design - fractal geometry antenna design

Fractal City and Architecture

BioMimetic Architecture
Connecting the Fractal City, by Nikos A. Salingaros.
Dynamical Symmetries
Ecology and the Fractal Mind in the New Architecture, by Victor Padrón and Nikos A. Salingaros
Fractal Architecture and Fractal Geometry
Fractal Architecture by Michael Ostwald
Fractal architecture
Fractals and Fractal Architecture - Introduction
Fractals in the New Architecture
Portmeirion Fractal City
The Fractal Town

Fractal Compression

Waterloo Fractal Compression Project Page

Fractal Dimension

Benoit – Fractal Analysis Software
Fractal Dimension by Box Counting
Fractal Dimension Calculator (FDC)
Fractal dimensions in Urine Smears
Fractals & the Fractal Dimension
Geostat Office Program

Fractal DNA

Real or Ideal DNA Iconography In a new Fractal Era

Fractal Engineering and Technology

Arufractal Technologies
Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.
fractal technology
Signal analysis using fractal geometry

Fractal Film

Fracalfilm - Home

Fractal Food

Fractal Food (by John Walker)

Fractal Games

A19 ~ Shockwave Gallery ~ The Fractal Game
JAVA Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry
Leap Fractal
Simulations and Visualizations

Fractal Markets

Fractal market structure

Fractal Mathematics

Animated Fractal Research Interests
deterministic chaos Mandelbrot's fractal dimensions are not special species of Descartes' whole coordinates
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Favorite Mathematical Constants
Feigenbaum Constants
Feigenbaum's universal constant
Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden section and the Golden String
Fractal -- from MathWorld
Fractal Mathematics Main page
Fractal Mathematics
Fractal viewing
Home Boston University Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Lecture notes Fractals (University of Rochester)
Levitated Recursive Construction of the Golden Spiral Macromedia Flash open source
Math 215 (Spring, 2005)
Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Fractals
One number explains animal flight
Paul Bourke Mathematics
Phyllotaxis Home
Pi and Mandelbrot set
Pi experiments
Proportion by Jay Kappraff
Strouhal number tuned for high power efficiency
Ten Technologies - Fractal Models
The Fibonacci Numbers and Golden section in Nature - 1
The Fibonacci Numbers
The Fibonacci Rabbit sequence
The Fractal Dimension of Leaves
The Fractal Microscope
The Geometry Center
The Math Forum Mathematical Figures by Robert M. Dickau
The mathematics of the Fibonacci series
UA Mathematicians Predict Patterns in Fingerprints, Cacti
Virtual Reality Polyhedra
Wiskundige analyse van het zonnebloemmotief
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Yahoo! ScienceMathematicsNumerical AnalysisNumbers
Yahoo! ScienceMathematicsNumerical AnalysisNumbersSpecific NumbersPi

Fractal Music

A Fractal Melody
A symphony of flowers and fractals - The Boston Globe
Fractal Music Lab
Fractal Vibes - Sites
Fractale muziek
Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel
Music of the Heart
PrimaSounds Multimedia

Fractal Networks

fractal networks

Fractal Speech Processing

Fractal Speech Processing

Fractal Trees

Biological Modeling and Visualization
Fractal Drainage
Fractal Tree - Math - WebCalc
Fractal Tree Applet HW #9
Fractal Trees
Java Fractal Tree
Lindenmayer System -- from MathWorld
L-System Based Fractals
L-systems in PostScript
PLoS Computational Biology Cover Legend
Pythagoras' downloads Bomen van Pythagoras
Pythagoras Tree -- from MathWorld
Robert M. Dickau - 2D L-Systems
The Joy of VB - Fractals and Flowers

Fractal Universe

Fractal Cosmology
Fractal Universe
The Infinite Fractal Universe
Universe of fractals

Fractals and the ancient east

Circular Infinity
Fractology - a tool of healing
I Ching book main entrance page
I Ching Bookmark links
I CHING PHILOSOPHY Chinese Laws of Creativity and Wisdom
Tao Te Ching - The Way of Life - The Wisdom of Ancient China
Taoism Depot
Yin Yang Fire

Links to fractal-sites

Applications of Complexity Methods to Academic and Business fields
Complexity Links
Favourite Links
fractal . net
Fractal Foundation
Fractal Links on Paul N. Lee's website
Fractal Links
Fractal Web Sites
Fractall links
Fractals Links
Fractalsite to Fractals
Google Directory - Science Math Chaos and Fractals
Google Web Chaos and Fractals
Hotlinks, Bookmarks and Other Related Sites
Infinite Fractal Loop Next 5 Sites
J.P. Louvet Fractals - Links
Jacco's Fractal Links
Link Page Roger L. Bagula
Links Complex Systems
Links on Complexity, Self-organization and Artificial Life
Links system theory e.d.
Links to Chaos
Links to The Chaos Hypertextbook
Mathematics Archives - Topics in Mathematics - Fractals
Meme theorists on the web
muFrac - Bringing fractals to your phone since 2001
Nonlinear Sites
Pythagoras' links chaos
Science Math Chaos and Fractals
Systems and Chaos links
The Chaos Metalink -- Featured Sites
The Math Forum - Math Library - Fractals
The Ultimate Digital Resource
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library Complex Systems
Topics in Mathematics - Fractals
Web references for Julia and Mandelbrot sets

Living and moving fractals

Animations of Physical Processes
De IFS galerij
Facial beauty and fractal geometry
Fractal Animations
Index of -fractals-animated-
Julian's Fractal Page
MIDI PIECE - 'Fractal Window I'
online life
Visual Models of Morphogenesis Table of Contents

L-Systems and IFS

A sketch book on L systems
An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems
Biological Modeling and Visualization
Discrete Fractals
generation5 - L-Systems Explorer
IFS (Iterated Function System) Fractals
IFS Playground
Iteriertes Funktionen-System - Wikipedia
Lindenmayer Systems
LinF for L-System specification
Pascal Fractal
Robert M. Dickau - 2D L-Systems

Mandelbrot and Julia sets

Chaffey's Fractals - The Mandelbrot
De alternatieve galerij
De Juliagalerij
Fractal Explorer Mandelbrot and Julia sets
Fractal Journeys - Explorations into the Mandelbrot Set
Fractals and Graphics Menu
Gallery of Mathematics - The Mandelbrot Set
Mandelbrot and Julia Set Explorer Help
Mandelbrot and Julia sets
Mandelbrot Exhibition
Mandelbrot Set-Julia Set Relationship
Mandelbrot Zoom
Mandelbrot-Julia Set Browser
M-set Anatomy Contents
Some Julia Sets
Star Julia
Stephen Morley's Home Page
Test Fractal Generator
The Fractory
The Julia Set
The Julia sets trip with orbit
The Mandelbrot Set
Virtual Maps of Mandelbrot and Julia sets


Dr Susan Blackmore
Het oprukkende meme
Meme Central - Memes, Memetics, and Mind Virus Resource
Meme Lab
Meme Storage in DNA Memes are Mind Viruses
memetics bibliography
memetics resources
The Lifecycle of Memes
UK Memes Central

Neural networks

ENNS Information
INNS Neural Networks
International Neural Network Society
Neurale netwerken en hun toepassingen

Octonions and Sedonions

Corvallis 97
Hypercomplex Numbers
Octonions and Sedenions

Pattern recognition

AEX historie van afgelopen 12 weken, Patroonherkenning met slangdiagram
Biological Branching Patterns
Chaostheorie patronen in de natuur
Concepts Patterns
D1 Cursus Psychologische functieleer
Dance of ChanceExhibit Hall
Eigen ervaring
Fingering and Branching Patterns of Bacteria
History of Russian nesting dolls
Journal of Pattern recognition
Musee de la perception - LaPsE
NVPHBV - Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Prognosis Software Development
Snow Crystal Patterns
Tutorials in Sensation and Perception

Persons and institutes

Aaron Lynch
Alessandro Rosa
American Institute of Physics
Andras Pellionisz
Art Science Research Laboratory
Ben Goertzel (Webmind)
Benoit B. Mandelbrot
Benoit Mandelbrot
Bionomics Institute
Blueberry Brain Institute & Chaos Cooperative
Bob Devaney
Bohdan Durnota
Brian J. Enquist
Bruce Edmonds
Bruce Lipton
Bruce Rawles
Brynn Hibbert, Univ. of New South Wales
C. Anthony Hunt
C.G. Jung
Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences
Center for Consciousness Studies
Center for Polymer Studies
Center Leo Apostel
Chiba University, Diversity and Fractal Science
Chilean School of Biology of Cognition
Chris King
Chris Lofting
Chris Lucas
Cliff Joslyn
Cliff Pickover, Factals and the Pursuit of Beauty
Cliff Reiter
Clifford A. Pickover
Complexity and Management Centre
Crazy Tiger Institute
Daniel C. Dennett
Dick Klingens
Discrete Dynamics Lab
Dr. Volkmar Weiss, Leipzig,
DRUID, Danisch Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics
Dynamical & Evolutianary Machine Organization (DEMO)
EDGE Who Are The Third Culture
Eric W. Weisstein
Findhorn Foundation
Florida Atlantic University
Francis Heylighen
Frank Smits
G. Keith Still
G. Rozenberg
Gary William Flake
George W. Hart
Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net
Gregory Bateson
Gus Koehler
H. Eugene Stanley
Heinz-Otto Peitgen
Howard Bloom
Human Genome Project Information
Humberto Maturana
Ilya Prigogine Center
Imagination Lab Foundation
Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Instituut Pasteur van Brussel
Ivan M. Havel
Jack Tuszynski
James Gleick
James H. Brown
Jeffrey F. Brock
Jenny Harrison
John Briggs
John Sterman MIT
Julien Clinton Sprott
Karl Niklas (Cornell University)
Ken Blanchard companies
Ken Libbrecht @ Caltech
Kenneth Falconer
Leading Edge International Research Group
Leiden Center for Natural Computing
Luis Rocha
Lynn Margulis 2
Lynn Margulis
Marc Olivier Coppens, TU Delft
Marc-Olivier Coppens (PCMT)
Marc-Olivier Coppens
Margaret J. Wheatley
Marty Golubitsky
Michael Field
Michael Lissack
Michael Polanyi-Polanyi Society
Mitchell Feigenbaum Lab
Mitchell Feigenbaum
Mohammad R. Kaazempur-Mofrad
Nanotechnology Research Center
NEC Research Institute
NECSI - New England Complex Systems Institute
New Paradigm Organisation Consulting
Pagina Prodotti Gruppo Tissue Engineering
Paul Bourke
Paul N. Lee
Peter Russell
Physical Chemistry & Molecular Thermodynamics  PCMT -          
Physical Chemistry and Molecular Thermodynamics  PCMT -          
Prof. Ilya Prigogine
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewisc
Ram Samudrala
Rens Kortmann, Maastricht University
Research Centre of Applied Mathematics - CIRAM -
Richard Brodie
Richard Seel
Richard Taylor
Roger Bradbury
Ronald S. Burt
Rudy Rucker
Santa Fe Institute
Self-Organized Networks at Notre Dame
Sir Roger Penrose Society
Society for chaostheory
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Wolfram
Stewart Dickson
Strumia Alberto
Stuart A. Kauffman
Symmetry, Chaos and Field
Tamás Vicsek
The Club of Budapest International
The Consultancy
The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
The Institute For Systems Biology
The M. Casco Learning Center
The Swarm Corporation
Theoretical Physics, Kiel, Germany Schuster group
Time Structures
Tjurunga home page
Tom Petzinger
Tufts University Center for Cognitive Studies
UH Mathematics Department
UR Department of Mathematics - Michael E. Gage
Vladimir Dimitrov
Vladimir Dimitrov
Welcome to The Chaordic Alliance
Wim van den Dungen
Ying-Cheng Lai

Philiosophy-Spiritual fractals and art

Chance and Choice
FRACTAL CHAOS the Philosophy of Freedom and Self Determination
LAWS OF WISDOM holistic synthesis of science and religion
Planet Art Network
Sacred Mirrors Chapel
Sacred Mirrors The Visionary Art of Alex Grey


Polynomiography - The Art and Science of Visualizing Polynomials


A Fractals Lesson - Recognitions
Chaos on the Web
Chaos Theory and Fractal Phenomena
Chaotic series of fractal articles
Correlational Opponent Processing
Dietrich Fliedner Six Levels of Complexity
Dynamical Psychology, Table of Contents
Flatland A romance of many dimensions
Fractal Analysis of Trabecular Bone
Fractal Awareness and creative forms
Fractal Evolution
Fractal Geometry - Introduction
Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set I
Fractal Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set II
Fractal Nueural Networks
Fractal Organization of Nature
Fractals Unleashed
Fritjof Capra's The Web of Life
General Systems (John Gowan)
Glossary of Common Terms in Complexity Theory
Growth and Remodeling in Blood Vessels Studied In Vivo With Fractal Analysis
Introduction to the CTMU     by Christopher Michael Langan
Isamu Noguchi
John Holland Calls for a Radical Reassessment
Marc-Olivier Coppens Courses
Meme theorists on the web
Modelling nature with fractals
Offline Papers on Self-Organisation, Complexity and Artificial Life
Online papers on consciousness
Online Papers on Self-Organisation, Complexity and Artificial Life
Pattern analysis using fractal geometry
PhysicsWeb Features - Yeah, but what about the crayfish
PLoS Computational Biology Genome Trees from Conservation Profiles
Quantum Ontology Minds, Brains & Catalysis
Recursive process management improved tqm through fractal design of management tools
Santa Fe Institute Bulletin, Published Quarterly online
The Chaos Hypertextbook
The Computational Beauty of Nature
The First Priority of Humankind... by Ken Wilber
The golden mean as clock cycle of brain waves
The Study of Complex Systems
The Third Culture - Chapter 12
Vorlesung Fraktale


4D Fractals
Alessandro Rosa (Quaternians)
Alessandro Rosso Quaternions
Beauty of Quaternionic Fractals
Fractal Explorer Mandelbrot and Julia sets (by Fabio Cesari)
Gallery of Mathematics - Introduction to the Quaternions
Gallery of Mathematics - Quaternionic Fractals
Hamilton's Research on Quaternions
Introduction to the Quaternions
Letters describing the Discovery of Quaternions
Mathematischer Hintergrund
Nature Beyond Complex Numbers
On a new Species of Imaginary Quantities
QuaSZ for Dummies
Quat - quaternionic 3d fractals
Quat 1.11
Quaternion Equations driving aniMation
Quaternion Julia Fractals
Quaternion Julia-Set Fractal Derived Artwork and Animation
Quaternionic Fractals by Andy Burbanks
Quaternions - Martin Baker
Quaternions by Paul Bourke


Complexity and Artificial Life-Alife Research
Complexity and Self-Organisation
Is Society a Self-Organizing System
Self-Organization, Autopoiesis, and Enterprises
Self-Organizing Systems FAQ for Usenet
Study of Self-Organized Networks at Notre Dame

Software programmes

About HOP - Fractals in Motion
Aros Fractals
CALResCo Software Introduction for Release 5
Chaos and Fractals Software
Daan's fractal page
Ecosystem Simulation Program
Exploring Patterns in Nature Software Downloads
Fractal Census
Fractal Domains
Fractal Explorer
Fractal eXtreme Downloads
Fractal eXtreme Fractal Theory
Fractal eXtreme Relicensing FX
Fractal eXtreme Software
Fractal Forge 2
Fractal Forge
Fractal Laboratory Screen Saver
Fractal Modeling Tools Curriculum Resources
Fractal Software Links on Paul N. Lee's website
Fractal Software links
Fractal Software
Fractal Worldmap Generator
Fractale - ein ästhetisches Benchmarkprogramm
Fractals software
Fractals Theme Page
Fractals with C
Fractals with Matlab
Fractals with Pov-Ray
Fractint Homepage
Freeware fractalgenerator Fractalus
HOP - Fractals in Motion
Iterations et Flarium24 Index of Software
Java Fractal Generator and Introduction to Fractal Mathematics
Java Fractals
Les St Clair's Fractal Panorama
Lorenz Butterfly
L-Studio User's guide
Mandelbrot Zoom
Mandelmania - Mandelbrot Java Applet and More!
Mind-Boggling Fractals, A Fractals Generator Program That Creates Fractals With A 3D Appearance
Mind-Boggling Fractals, Fractal Program and Images CD
Peter Pawlowski's GF4 software
Plasma Fractal
Reference System K (RSK)
Reference System K (RSK) Fractal generator for determinate structures in ten-dimensional space-ti
Spanky Fractal Database
Sprott's Fractal Gallery
Terry W. Gintz's downloads
The Fractal Microscope
The Fractory
The Fractory An Interactive Tool for Creating and Exploring Fractals
The Ultimate Fractal Video Project!
Third Apex to Fractovia
Ultra Fractal Advanced Fractal Software
VRML Fractal Thumbnails
XenoDream Software

Symmetry in artefacts and nature

B.U. Center for Polymer Studies
Exploring Patterns in Nature
Mike Field Symmetry
Patterns in Nature
photos suggesting symmetry
Shells and Mathematics
Snow Crystals
Symmatry in Plants Phyllotaxis
Symmetric Chaos

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