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Physical Actualization

Physical actualization pertains to the body, not necessarily to the world of physics. Here we mean to discuss the development of the body as a means of self expression. As such, it differs from exercize for the sake of health or stress relief.

As human beings we cannot separate the four levels (Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual), because they interact at all times. However, we may choose the emphasize our actualization in one specific level.

e.g. Anyone who is taking a sport seriously is exactly doing that. Take skiing or snowboarding for instance. The first time you get out you can barely get going or rather barely stopping. Then as time goes by, you develop yourself to higher and higher levels. The more ambitious you are, the more energy you put into it, the higher you will excel.

Arts and crafts are more of a hybrid, they have a high physical component which really acts as support for the artistic/emotional actualization. e.g. Playing the violin or dancing require tremendous physical skills, yet sub-ordinate to the art.

In this respect it is worthwhile to note the impact of a handicap. We all have handicaps to various degrees and in different areas. These are our challenges. Some people are so challenged by their handicaps that they work like mad to overcome them and in the process not only excel their old selves but others else as well. You probably have heard of super stars, who were duds as a kid but managed to conquer. Another example are wheelchair athletes, who get to the level of the Special Olympics. The latter are special indeed, but certainly at Olympic level.

Somewhere behind the physical actualization is a drive toward self expression through disciplining the body. The actualization process involves the whole person, making it a total experience.