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The BeNe Region has been a center for fundamental research in the life sciences for more than a hundred years. The intellectual and physical resources represented by BeNeReg's world-class research institutions including the Wageningen University, Philips Medical Systems and AKZO/Nobel Laboratories, represent an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in research infrastructure in the life sciences and engineering. These three institutions combined have federally subsidized research expenditures which exceed $300M annually.

BeNeReg's research enterprise is committed to fostering cross disciplinary research that would lead to novel discoveries, new products and economic development benefits. Strong ties exist between BeNeReg's academic, research and technology based companies. Industrial strengths in areas of biotechnology, microelectronics, computer software and hardware, imaging technologies, and sensing and signaling technologies, have created a tradition of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

The prime-minister of The netherlands recently stated, regarding our country's research enterprise: "Perhaps the greatest discovery of all this research is that we can no longer separate basic from applied science...  The disciplines are connected in ways they have never been before."

The BeNeReg Business Research strengths include:

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