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The Life Sciences/Technology Committees

Steering Committee

The next persons will be asked to take place in the Steering Committee:

Gerard Kleisterlee, chairman (president Royal Philips Electronics)

Rutger van Santen (rector magnificus Eindhoven University of Technology)

Jan Mengelers (managing director TNO Industry)

Jules Ruis (a.i. secretary)

Advisory Board

The next persons are willing to take place in the Advisory Board:

Joop Sistermans (former director AKZO Research)

Frans Stevens (director Dutch Institute for Quality)

Life Sciences Forum

The TIM-network will function as the Life Sciences Forum. Strategic issues will be discussed in this group, that consists of former participants at the Training Interaction Management. For further details of the persons see internet-link: Deelnemers TIM


Jules Ruis (chairman)

Wim Schonk (TechnoCentrum Eindhoven)


TechnoCentrum Eindhoven


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