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The BeNe Region

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The BeNe Region

The abbreviation 'BeNe' stands for 'Belgium-Netherlands' and comprices more specifically the southern Netherlands and northern Belgium: so the Dutch spoken area below the river Rhine.
The BeNe Region (BeNeReg) has been a center for fundamental research in the life sciences for more than a century. BeNeReg is home to world class research institutions including Wageningen University, one of the world pioneers in life sciences, but also Eindhoven, Maastricht and Leuven Universities are wellknow researchinstitutes in the field of biomedical technology. The Wageningen University Laboratory, a national asset that has the distinction of supporting research efforts that have lead to important intellectual property rights, and Gent University. These institutions represent hundreds of millions of dollars in research infrastructure in the life sciences.

The BeNeReg industrial sector has a tradition of technological innovation and entrepreneurship that has led world leaders such as Philips Medical Systems (together with General Electric and Siemens world leader in medical devices) and Akzo/Nobel/Organon (world leader in the field of Pharma products).
BeNeReg workforce is supported by a strong foundation in cross disciplinary research, technology development and an integrative curriculum. The BeNe Life Sciences Initiative was recently founded to support the continuing growth of a vibrant, globally competitive Life Sciences Community.

A strong entrepreneurial tradition, combined with all the key assets for building a technology based business, the BeNe Region is well poised to become the European entrepreneurial locus for life sciences, -technology, -industry and -services in the next ten years.

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