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The Life Sciences/Technology Actionplan

The Life Sciences/Technology Initiative (LSTI) aims in a period  of ten years to transform the BeNe Region  from a mechatronic oriented region to a region focussed on Life Sciences Products and Services. To realise this goal the project has been organized in a number of activities:

1. Announcing the Initiative

2. Searching for Founding Partners

3. Installing Committees for Steering and Operations

4. Searching for Funding

5. Defining future Products and Services

6. Creating International Connections

7. Looking for Interesting Business

8. Defining multidisciplinary research-programs

9. Developing master-program 'Bioentrepreneur'

10. Planning/financing Life Sciences Business Activities

11. Implementing Life Sciences/Technology Network (LSTN)

12. Starting Research and Development activities

13. Building Manufacturing Facilities

14. Doing worldwide Marketing and Sales

15. Evaluating and Communicating Ethical Aspects


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